Strategic Partners


Spark & Sway’s strategic partnership with Globe Promotions allows us to unlock the power of branded merchandise, premium items, custom packaging and creative POS displays for your brand. Globe has created lasting products for some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, sports team and corporate clients. 

Globe’s 20+ years of experience in the merchandising industry, combined with long-term factory relationships and satellite offices in Shanghai and Colombia, enables us to consistently deliver quality merchandise at direct-import prices anywhere in the world.

Utilizing in-house designers, a dedicated sourcing team, boots on the ground overseas and an experienced logistics department, we can control every step of the process. From ideation, design, manufacturing to final delivery, we are with you every step of the way to deliver lasting impressions to your consumers. 


Our strategic partnership with Pro Exp Media allows us to create an interactive digital extension to any physical product, ad campaign or signage through Augmented Reality.

Pro Exp Media’s Augmented Reality (AR) takes consumer engagement and ROI to the next level. Enhance your brand activations by delivering rich media content that brings traditional marketing assets to life with digital content using your mobile phone. 

Pro Exp’s enhanced AR platform is capable of delivering content with lightning-fast speed across consumer products, signage, out-of-home ads and more. Create a digital extension to any physical product or advertising campaign and unlock the true potential of your marketing efforts.


Spark & Sway’s strategic partnership with WolfCycle, an end-to-end sales and marketing automation service, allows you to bring efficiency and scale to your business and drive ROI.  

Leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and data-driven sales platforms without the expense of long-term contracts and license fees. AI enables your sales team to spend more of their valuable time closing business and allows you to expand your outbound sales efforts without adding costly overhead. 


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