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Provide cleaning products, to improve air quality
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Our efforts to the development and production of clean products, to provide clean energy to consumers, to support the construction of the natural environmentprotection and environment friendly society.

Natural gas is by far the most clean fossil energy, power companies continue to increase natural gas resources exploration and development, the rapid growth of production, so that natural gas in primary energy consumption in China will rise from 2.4% in 2005 to about 5% in 2012, many of the previous coal burning pollutioncity air quality improved. By the end of 2012, the second west east gas pipelinetotal gas more than 43100000000 cubic meters, equivalent to replace 57320000 tons of coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions 66490000 tons. Residents along the quality of life greatly improved, many central city reproduce the clear water and blue sky.

Project development and utilization of downstream we vigorously promote the citygas, natural gas, natural gas chemical industry and the city public transport and taxi replacing oil by gas etc.. Natural gas production for 13 consecutive years to achieve rapid growth. In 2012, the domestic natural gas output of 79860000000cubic meters, a 5.6% increase over the previous year. Vigorously implement the"bringing in" strategy, LNG imported from abroad, and in Jiangsu, Dalian,Tangshan built and put into operation the three LNG receiving station.

At the same time, we also actively explore the development and application of biomass energy. Jilin fuel ethanol Co. Ltd. to form 540000 tons of fuel ethanol,480000 tons of lees protein feed and 25000 tons of corn oil production capacity,annual processing of about 1800000 tons of corn, the leading product of fuel ethanol as a green energy, has been closed in Jilin, Liaoning Province in two.

Companies attach importance to the improvement of the diesel oil product quality,promote the upgrade and clean production, to achieve a comprehensive III quality standards for gasoline and diesel oil product quality car, part of the enterprise has reached national IV standard, complete the Beijing V car with gasoline and dieselproduct upgrading, replacement rate of 100%.

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