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Strengthening environmental risk control
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Company affiliated enterprises, especially in the workplaces where is near the water pollution in rivers and lakes or may produce public enterprise, continue to build perfect tertiary prevention and control engineering. Based on 2006 completed four enterprise 13 emergency prevention and control of project construction, the company basically completed tertiary prevention and control engineering. Our organization to formulate the "standard of refining enterprise level 3 emergency prevention and control of water pollution", environment accident conditions to further strengthen risk control ability. In 2007, we continue to strengthen the emergency rescue at sea and maritime emergency response center construction, built in yingkou, caofeidian and tanggu station three emergency rescue at sea, secondary to sea oil spill emergency disposal ability.


In 2011, the company coordination established China petroleum, China petrochemical, China's cnooc three petroleum and petrochemical enterprises emergency linkage mechanism; Do all kinds of disaster warning, and organize the key flood, typhoon, storm surge and unsafe factors such as landslide zone screening; Set up Chinese oil pipeline emergency response rescue center, form the fire rescue, emergency in the sea, for emergency, well control the fire fighting, pipeline emergency five emergency rescue system. Participate in tianjin maritime emergency clean-up operation, by the tianjin maritime search and rescue center.


In 2012, the company improve the level of environmental risk prevention and control to the sensitive area enterprise, revise the accident situation of water pollution prevention and control technology requirements "standard, earnestly implement the environmental protection measures and environmental risk prevention and control measures, from the source to prevent and control pollution and protect the ecological. Refining and chemical industry of exploration and development and the aspects of safety risk and leakage of oil and gas pollution, "three wastes" (waste water, waste gas and solid waste) emissions and other environmental risk factors, and set up from the grassroots post to the company's headquarters in multistage risk prevention and control mechanism. In environmental compliance tracking assessment and the study of environmental sensitive area pipeline crossing and compliance, pipeline construction further standardize the management of environment. Set up the company environmental dynamic risk assessment database, improve facilities construction of water pollution prevention and control management standards, to enhance the overall prevention and control of the sensitive area enterprise ability. To further strengthen the environmental monitoring work, held a "oil spill environmental emergency monitoring technology special ratio", improve the level of environmental emergency monitoring.

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