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New and information center (2013), the second phase
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On January 17, 2012


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People in Beijing on January 16 (the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system opening ceremony held in Beijing. The securities and futures commission, said yao gang, vice President of the national small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system opening operation, is the landmark of the construction of the otc market. Beijing vice mayor Li Shixiang, said the stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises to set up the small and medium-sized enterprises can broaden the financing channels, support small and medium-sized enterprise standard operation, healthy growth


Dragon township domain feeling


On January 16 morning, the sixth of puyang city people's congress, China's seventh meeting concluded after successful completion and agenda of the organiser. This meeting has on behalf of the 376, 335 representatives to attend this meeting. Congress first announced the election results. The election in puyang city Zhang Lijie six National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee, deputy director of the Xu Fu become the six National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee secretary-general of puyang city, Wang Zichen, Ren Anfu, Sun Ximin, Guo Delu for the six National People's Congress (NPC) standing committee member of puyang city. Assembly is made by voting, which in turn by the sixth of puyang city people's congress, China's seventh meeting resolution on the government work report, etc.


Oliver totally


On the "state", trips up sooner or later

Forge ahead, xing, negative slack is dead - in many negative slack factor, the spirit of the slack is the most terrible, the most dangerous. This is for a large number of facts have proved. Because of this, the report will be the party's 18 negligent dangerous "spirit" in the first of "four risk". To overcome the risk of mental slack, it is necessary to keep promising mental state. Can say, keep mental state, is not only the objective demand of the masses close relation, is also a basic requirement to promote the development of enterprise.

Some cadres, however, are aware of the importance of mental state, they do not stem, shouldn't do struggle, finally WuJi party rid by mistake. Why do some GanBuHui spirit is not in the state? Only has the following several reasons:

Some cadres to revel in the good situation and the existing achievement, that can be a "peace officer". They see only reform and opening up 30 years we have made brilliant achievements, has been fascinated by beautiful data and economic development speed, in the process of development challenges and threats of the lack of correct understanding, believe that as long as the walked along the "old ways", there is no problem, then, complacency and conformism "state" in imperceptible in slide.

Some cadres in the face of contradictory announcement difficulties and think can be a "negative officer". Reform entering a crucial stage, some deep-seated contradictions and problems are gradually concentrated and stand out, and the key in the cadre "looking for a new development opportunity in the challenge, overcome the difficult in developing new space", constantly correction, improve the development of thought and action, but they were afraid of some cadres here, retired, want to rely on "mix" and "lai" to escape from a problem.

Thus, a good mental state is "arm", bad state of mind is "corrosive". Mental state once the landslide, ageing, inert gas, and even the pathogens will breed, solvency is unavoidable. To solve the problem, root lies in the conviction, keep in mind that the mission; The core is to strengthen learning, improve state; The key is to struggle, for the people, pragmatic.

Firm faith, keep in mind that the mission is the premise and foundation of keep good mental state. Development as a leading cadres, party, the benefit of one party, stability, a party, only firm ideal faith, keep in mind the mission, for the people to the enterprise as a kind of pursuit, take development as a kind of responsibility, keep high spirit and high spirit.

Strengthen learning, improve state is to keep good mental state of means and methods. In the modern era is an information age, the network era, the era of knowledge explosion, the cadre must strengthen learning into started their conscientious first needs and habits, and innovation in the study, the study closely with practice, always keep the leading thought, development lead.

To struggle, for the people, pragmatic is the purpose of maintaining good mental state and meaning. Inspection of leading cadres in state, the state is good, ultimately depends on work performance. Work performance is good, basically see the masses are not satisfied, with no benefit. Therefore, keep good mental state final foothold in a pragmatic and clean up the people, people say "good" is good.


The world 500 strong resolute don't 11 of 13 kinds of people (serial)


Rock hard and cold, aloof and pessimistic. As a rock, it must be some pessimistic negative people. They lack of enthusiasm in the work, is always negative and passive, it is difficult to seize the opportunity, at the same time, they are to things around them

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